Teaching Resources

Over the years, we have built up a large collection of leader's notes from bible studies that Katherine has led. We have made some of them available here for your use, as well as a number of sermon recordings. Click on an item from the menu on the right for the bible study that you want, or a list of sermons.

Studies in Ruth

The book of Ruth is considered by many to be one of the great literary love stories and is often read as a stand alone story of rags to riches. But as we always find in the Scripture, it is not a stand-alone story to be picked out but is part of the far greater and wider picture of God’s Redemptive Plan for mankind and indeed the entire creation. It needs to be laid against the fabric of ancient Israel and the unique laws of Biblical redemption, gleaning, and levirate marriage which we will explore in this study (there will also be some provocative surprises… as always… this is our Great God behind it all).

Studies in Joel

The book of Joel could have been written just prior to Joash’s coronation in 835 BC. Joel prophesied as one of the early prophets. Actually there were quite a few prophets — at least fifty — and it is generally conceded by conservative scholars that Joel prophesied about the time of the reign of Joash, king of Judah. Joel was apparently contemporary with and probably knew both Elijah and Elisha, who prophesied to the Northern Kingdom (Joel to the South). It is remarkable that the earliest of the prophets included the fullest view of the consummation of all written prophecy. The book of Joel records Israel's place in God’s programme all the way from Babylon to the Millennium. Joel also has a lot to say about the Gentile nations and their collision course towards Armageddon. The primary theme of the book is The Day of The LORD.

Studies in Jude

The book of Jude takes us from the dawn of history, through Eden, through the ancient stages of Israel’s history, through princes and prophets, saints and sinners. From eternal fires to everlasting darkness, to the strange happenings early on in the book of Genesis. Past judgements, strange beings and future glory. This book takes us on an amazing journey from past to present to future, it deals with angels and evil happenings. It even covers a dispute between the archangel Michael and Satan who was a former ‘Cherub that covered’ Ez 28:14 and how they had a dispute over the body of Moses.